Disclosure of Terms and Electronic Funds Disclosure and Bill Pay Disclosure

  • Payments made via Bill Pay service may take up to seven (7) business days to reach a verified payee or vendor.
  • Please verify all information entered for your payees including addresses and reference numbers.
  • Bear Paw Credit Union is not liable in any way for damages you incur if:
  • You do not have sufficient funds in your account.
  • You incorrectly enter the reference number to be credited by the merchant.
  • You incorrectly schedule the payment.
  • If you authorize another person to use your password to gain access to your credit union account, you are authorizing any transactions they conduct in that account.
  • Keeping your password confidential is your responsibility.
  • If you believe anyone has gained access to either your password or account through On-Line Banking without your permission, change your password immediately. Then call us at 406-265-9626 or 1-800-406-2642.