The maximum deposit you may make using RDC is $5,000.00

Availability of Funds:

The funds for the checks that are deposited using the Mobile Deposit service will be available in accordance with Bear Paw Credit Union’s Funds Availability Policy. In order to determine the availability of your funds, you will need to determine the date that the Check Images are received by the credit union.

You understand and acknowledge that transmitting an Electronic Item does not mean the Credit Union received the Electronic Item. The Credit Union deems an Electronic Item received when it acknowledges receipt. The Credit Union is not responsible for Electronic Items it does not receive or for images dropped during transmission. If an Electronic Item is incomplete, contains errors, or has any other problems, the Credit Union will make a reasonable effort to notify the Member via the e-mail on file.

You are in possession of the Original Check which is made payable to you.

You have not and will not deposit the original check.

Items which exceed certain limits may be held for review and you will be notified to the E-mail address on file.

Acknowledgement that your Check Image deposit has been received by the credit union does not mean that the Check Image deposit was received error free.

You acknowledge that Bear Paw Credit Union reserves the right to return checks to you and to deduct the deposited funds, plus any applicable fees, if we determine that the check does not conform to our deposit or image standards.Bear Paw Credit Union RDC Terms and Conditions: